Join the Snowhook Kennel Team!

Some dreams are not cheap.  The Iditarod is just such a dream.  Snowhook’s expenses for the 2014/2015 race season are expected to run at approximately $27,000.  Kennel expenses include dog care, dog food, race entrance fees, equipment, shipping, the list goes on. 

We give our dream our all.  All our effort, all our resources, yet a gap remains.  The team is made of more than the dogs on the line or the musher on the runners.  Individual and corporate sponsors round out the team and make chasing our dog sledding dreams possible.    

We invite you to join the team as either a corporate or individual sponsor.  Sponsorship levels are merely serve as guidelines; we welcome other ideas and will gladly discuss different options. 

Justin & Rebecca Savidis and the Snowhook Kennel Team